essenze jazz the project

In 2012, Eduardo De Crescenzo presents a new live project, Essenze jazz. "I am looking for a sound that can represents me today" - he will say - but the goal he pursues is more complex. Eduardo is a musician, an accordionist, a composer with an extraordinary voice and, at the height of expressive maturity, he wants to combine "the song form" with experimentations, genre contaminations, natural vocations that determined his original and recognizable style.
Together with Stefano Sabatini, jazz pianist - his historical collaborator since 83 - the reference canvas of arrangements, which will include some notorious jazz players: Enzo Pietropaoli double bass, Marcello Di Leonardo drums, Daniele Scannapieco saxophone; on the cello, there will be Lamberto Curtoni, classical musician. It is the "format" that his eclectic and virtuous musical personality needs. The songs of his repertoire are already steeped in his singing with a high concentration of blues and are not particularly distorted by the new dimension. All the intensity of his poetic interpretations of the classical school remains, but the jazz modules lend themselves better to "play" his voice full of harmonics, to feed the impromptu composition that distinguishes his performances.
In Essenze jazz there is the whole musical sound world of Eduardo De Crescenzo, almost a biography in notes; more than a new project, it is the mature synthesis of its multifaceted expressiveness. Preview: April 24 at the Blue Note in Milan, May 4 at the Casa del Jazz in Rome - baptismal sources of jazz in Italy - on June 11 at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples - temple of the Opera -. Subsequently, in 2013: March 21 at the Teatro Sistina in Rome; on June 22nd at the Ravello Festival, Villa Rufolo; on 7 July at Umbria Jazz, Teatro Morlacchi; ... In 2013 the project arrives in the recording studio but "live" so as not to lose the magic of live performances, the soul of the project. The Essenze jazz album was released with the label EmArcy - Universal Classics & Jazz - A Division of Universal Music Italy. In 2015, Essenze jazz opens up to new encounters, becomes an EVENT and hosts in concert the Colombian harpist Edmar Castaneda, virtuous and brilliant musician; the magical trumpet of Enrico Rava who says: "The world of Eduardo is like an enchanted garden, where the flowers of the blues merge with the moods of Naples, giving life to an exciting and irresistible poetic song". In November 2016, Sky Arte dedicated an hour-long special to Essenze Jazz with the highlights of the concert and an interview with Eduardo about his life as a musician.
In the Theatrical tour 2018 - 2019 Maria Pia De Vito, a cultured and refined voice of Italian jazz, will participate in the concert.