Theatrical Tour    Season 2018-2019

An original and magic concert by artist Eduardo De Crescenzo that portrays all of his talents. A biography in musical notes that goes through his repertoire but also the musical experiences that have formed him and determined his artistic personality.
Singer, accordion player, composer, arranger.
Many elements can be recognized in his music, inseparable from his very personal way of singing, but still not enough to describe the intensity of his performances with their brilliant soloing that really makes the listeners vibrate.
A concert that has up till now thrilled many different kinds of audiences. In the previews: the San Carlo Theatre in Naples which is the temple of Opera; Ravello Festival, Villa Rufolo; the Morlacchi Theatre as part of Umbria Jazz...
Eduardo De Crescenzo’s music is complex, made up of sophisticated melodies, harmonies and experimental rhythms and yet his magical voice ,by now legendary, will render it fluid and accessible even to a widespread public.

Essenze Jazz, more than the name of his concert, is the definition Eduardo tries to give to his music these days, a definition hard to contain in the usual “genre” labelling: the sophisticated interpretations belonging to the Italian and neapolitan song writers, who were inspired by France at the beginning of the XX century, the rapid scat singing he discovered as a teen in the clubs around the port of Naples where they played jazz in the evenings, the influence of the Mediterranean and the passion for Greek melody coming from the sea and the streets of his city, all inspire him.
Over time he builds a repertoire that reaches the top of international popularity: Ancora, L’odore del mare, E la musica va... but his expressiveness is also nourished by the intimate and poetic dimension found in songs such as Il racconto della sera, Sarà così... or the syncopated rhythms of Foglia di the, La vita e’ un’altra... capable of stretching through time and generations. This is how the concert becomes an evocative narration for the human and musical itineraries that have nurtured his talent up until today. Immersed in the eternal present from which he captures and brings back the sound of life.

The formation stars a group of extraordinary musicians in continuous dialog with his music: at moments absorbed and charmed by that voice instrument that can do anything, at moments protagonists of virtuoso improvisations created during the concert.
Enzo Pietropaoli double bass;
Marcello Di Leonardo drums;
Julian Oliver Mazzariello piano;
Daniele Scannapieco sax;
Susanna Krasznai cello;
Eduardo De Crescenzo voice and accordion.

During some events, in the jazz spirit, Eduardo will open his formation to suggestive musical encounters. Theatrical Tour 2018-2019: in exclusive concerts at the Teatro Cilea in Naples, he will feature Maria Pia De Vito, one of the most extraordinary Italian jazz singers. He has already featured the magic trumpet of Enrico Rava and the columbian harp player Edmar Castaneda.