Eduardo De Crescenzo

vocal & accordion

He was born in Naples in 1951 in a popular neighborhood called “the Railway” which will often be mentioned in his songs. His first approach with the music was when he was really young. When he was 3 years old he received his first accordion and he started to play “by ear”. At the age of 5 made his first debut as an accordionist at the Teatro Argentina in Rome and started to study classical music too. In 1981 he made his debut in Festival di Sanremo and with the song “Ancora” he aimed to connect with a large amount of people and became an international success in few days. With millions of copies sold, even today can be considered an evergreen loved and played all over the world. With his serious and coherent path he has never given voice to contractual maturities with no real inspiration and he never subjected his freedom of expression to the market of the “easy consumer”. Progressively he created a personal style becoming unmistakable.
Singer, interpreter, musician and refined accordion player he arranged and produced music himself. In his songs you can recognize thousands of different shades of his artistic and human training: classic music studies, American music which influenced his first records, the Mediterranean perceived from his land, the greek melos, the rhythmic explosions or the conception of Jazz which makes the voice sound. He tell us about all the anxieties for the modern times, the daily fight for the life but also passion, real human feelings that everybody can feel and Eduardo‟s voice materializes in a real natural way.
He arrives at his concert on the stage from the dark surrounded by an aura of mystery that lasts note by note. Where everything seems to be at feelings and music service. Here Eduardo drags and charms. The song becomes a cloth that Eduardo opens closes tears or stitches if necessary. The free and powerful voice - now instrument between the instruments - stoles notes and shades from each genre of music just to replace feelings. The accordion can breathe and prepares or replace the singer, stealing his melody. Eduardo is an emotion that is made up of technic virtue and feeling. No way to sort them out. The stage is the place where we can meet the best Eduardo, because the stage becomes part of him and gives it back full of answers.
It explains us his silent way of walking far from the star system that always “labels” “competes” and “appears”. He explains his Neapolitan so far from the institutionalized cliché. However each note of his music is a small piece of thousands lives lived in his city. De Crescenzo is a character with unusual communicative traits. His appointments come sometimes unexpected, sometimes after long period of absence from the stage. At each new debut an audience of new generation join his famous fans. Famous because they are always present at his every single appearances. His physical absence seems to increase the expectation of his return on stage. Each time more striking. Protected by a voice of respect and credit that is not subject to deadlines. Hard to know from where passes the media and communicative force that create a relationship with his audience. Sometimes staying in the audience of his concerts seems that a secret date is taking place. Who has lived the experience of his concert knows how can be difficult to explain “something” that Eduardo sends us back with casual elegance. “Something magic” that let him walking through times and fashions, for overcoming the generational divisions and cultural barriers. “Something” that escapes the normal control of that escapes the normal control of the commercial product, and maybe the answer is here! Eduardo is not a product. He is, simply, an artist.