The project

Eduardo De Crescenzo composer, author, musician but above all voice, face, soul and story of a cosmopolitan Naples, is back to the essence.
The lyrics, the melodies that have made think or dream several generations, are now reinterpreted by the sound of great jazz musicians according with his legendary voice. This is not about trying to embrace again a "label" pre-established. Eduardo is a "founder" of the breed: his studies, experiments, his talent - filtered by his extraordinary musical soul - simply become "the music of Eduardo De Crescenzo".
Essenze Jazz was announced by Eduardo himself as his personal need to find the "essence" of a new feeling. A new approach with his music, the search of a "sound" that could represent him today.
The result is original and personal: the taste of jazz, of the classical world that made up his personality since a very young age, the singer-songwriter on the pages where we recognize the human and artistic roots. An ideal format for its eclectic musical personality, always transverse to fashions, to the styles. A balance that is always hovering between the heart and the head can capture every kind of taste, educated in the reading of virtue but also those who are carried away by the instinctive thrill that its expressive power can give to their souls.
Essenze jazz was previously shown in 2012: On April 24th at the Blue Note in Milan, on May 4th at the Casa del Jazz in Rome on June 11th and the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. And then in 2013: on March 21st at the Teatro Sistina in Rome; on June 22nd at the Ravello Festival, Villa Rufolo; on July 7th at the Umbria Jazz, Theatre Morley; On August 30th in Ischia Jazz, Arena Negombo.
It's a type of show that "pushes" you into a bated breath listening for not missing any of the talented and refined nuances that come from a stage strictly acoustic but also full of contagious passion.
"Quando l'amore se ne va, Sarà così, Dove, La vita è questa vita, Dove c'è il mare, Naviganti"... join us unpublished but never distorted. The same mythical Ancora, L'Odore del mare, E la Musica va - which have also reached the top of an international popularity - shine with new light leaving no room for nostalgia. Thanks to a repertoire that "travelled" through time, or that has always carried within itself the blackness of the southern hemisphere and lends itself naturally to a model jazz's lovers. Thanks to that unique voice "that sounds": classical and old through the melodic passages, poetic and refined in the interpretations always contained and touching, black in the rhythm and the vocalizations scat, Andalusian or Arabic when powerful and husky hits the highest notes, or when - between the instruments tool - reveals the best of himelg over the impromptu execution.
Wise "the plot" of the arrangements laid out by the same Eduardo and Stefano Sabatini - his co-worker since 1983. "Happy Marriage" with these great musicians who can share his music giving a personal track but always focused on keeping the original feeling of the execution rather than the technique of pre-established models. The improvisations and variations come from the stage as part of a coherent and consequential talk, always in tune with the emotion. Listening to them you can understand that Essenze Jazz, for Eduardo, is not only the title of a new work but the sign of an irreversible step, a kind of third career, the natural approach to all of his musical lives.
Enzo Pietropaoli on the double-bass; Marcello Di Leonardo on the drums; Stefano Sabatini on piano; on the saxophone, Daniele Scannapieco e Sandro Deidda who shared the job over the previous days of the tour but who both played in the record; Lamberto Curtoni on the cello.
In 2018-2019 theatrical tour, the cello will be Susanna Krasznai and the piano Julian Oliver Mazzariello.
A good musical page, talented, modern and engaging as it can be a classy (or classical) without time.

2015 Essenze jazz Event guest star Enrico Rava, Edmar Castaneda
2018-2019 Essenze Jazz Event guest star Maria Pia De Vito